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8/17/12 12:36 pm - Something to think about.

Everything happens for a reason. 
So why do things happen for a reason?

8/14/12 11:35 pm - Lost.

Often I ask myself what am I doing with my life. I see the people around me getting hitched having kids and here I am still figuring things out, figuring myself out. 

5/20/12 01:04 am - Restless.

I tried to exercise these few days but then again, its a failure. I feel so lethargic and tired all the time. I'm dying. Talking about death, I lost 2 of my favorite people in my life recently. But I know they're in a better place.  

5/9/12 01:16 am - Its been quite awhile.

I need to do something productive with my life, I need to be more motivated to do things. I need to be like who I used to be. I need to be healthy again. Its been long since I last felt good about myself. All I do now is eat and drink and sleep. Even pigs exercise (some of them). I need a different lifestyle. I need to be able to do things like running and tanning alone. I don't need to depend on someone to do it with me. I have to change. I need to change. I miss the old me. 

4/11/12 12:25 am

Rihanna look surprisingly good with blonde hair! Compared to her red curly hair which is totally EEW. 

‎Cause if you let me, here's what I'll do. I'll take care of you. I've loved and I've lost. ♥

4/9/12 02:51 am - New Skin.

Helloooooo! My new skin is so RAINBOW though the advertisement is so annoying and i can't seem to get rid of it. But anywaysssssss, I shall try and blog often. This space needs more attention. Meeting my bitches later (; can't wait! 

3/6/12 05:49 am - Sleepless Night.

Definitely one of the rare days where I actually can't fall asleep. So many things on my mind. I'm turning 22 in like 3 weeks and my life is still pretty much messed up. Nothing seems to go right, why? Or is it just me? I believe I've changed in so many ways but why isn't things picking up like it should? I should work harder and strive for the better. I'm done feeling like shit. 

2/6/12 03:09 am

Hi guess who's back! Okay blackberrys should have a livejournal app tsk.  

11/19/11 01:36 pm - :'(



11/17/11 07:52 pm - A New Beginning.

I've finally signed my end of probation form. Have been waiting for this day for the longest time. If its 3 months ago, I would have left MCYS screaming 'TIME TO PARTYYYY BITCHES!' but then on Tuesday as I walked out of that gate, the only thing on my mind is 'I'm not going to do anything stupid to come back here again'. I dont want to disappoint anyone any more. Things are going to change and it will change.
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